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Medical Cannabis Explained

For millennia humans and animals have been using cannabis for its's medicinal properties, from anti-inflammatory to topical creams for rashes. The main components of medicinal cannanbis are the cannaboids THC, THC-A, CBD, CBG and CBN.


There is a lot of conflicting information from scientists due to the prohibition of the plant around the world. Only in recent years are we now starting to accept genuine peer reviewed science as the social attitude started to change towards medicinal properties of the plant the political establishment have made some changes allowing for independent science to be accepted.

How Can We Help 

As a long term pain sufferer our founder has been researching all the information available from anecdotal evidence to full peer reviewed studies. We also have expert growers who can provide assistance to those unsure of how to grow the plant or those who dont want to be a member of a social club for whatever reason.

We use these resources to provide individual plans for self medicating using dosing techniques. With the extensive research we have conducted we will be able to provide strain guides and also which to use at what time of day. 

For those who dont want to feel "high" we can provide recipies that only contain THC-A at this point the psycoactive properties are not activated as the plant is raw and unheated leaving the acid molecule attached. This means you get all the full cannaboid profile allowing help for many symptoms of chronic illness.